Sweet Sounds Coming From New Music Recording Company

DulceTone Recordings To Bring Jazz To Today’s Listener

CHICAGO (April 15) –  There’s a new sound for jazz as DulceTone Recordings has opened doors to usher the 50s Big Band sound into today’s modern music world. 

DulceTone Recordings, a collaboration between Jeff Davis and Bill Pascoe, aims to introduce the classic jazz sounds of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman to today’s generation unfamiliar with the sound. 

“DulceTone Recordings is going to change the way listeners feel about jazz,” Pascoe said. “It won’t be for grandma and grandpa anymore.” 

Davis agreed, adding that the focus was to capitalize on the hit shows depicting the era from movies like “The Great Gatsby” on through the hit television series “Mad Men.” 

“We want to make Jazz popular again,” Davis said. “After the mainstream success of things like Mad Men and The Great Gatsby, it’s the perfect time to move jazz from ‘old’ and to ‘retro.’”

DulceTone Recordings aims to release its first album in late summer. Davis and Pascoe are currently gathering artists who will fit the mold of what they are looking for and help create a lasting success at the company. Davis and Pascoe, who both have significant connections across the music industry, plan to bring together the very best of the Jazz world for this exciting new project.